Short Stories: Thunderous Night


Thunderous Night

by Bruce Alan Jensen

Before heading to bed, he checked the weather report on his multi-band radio. ‘Rain and thunderstorms expected for the next couple of hours to hit the northern part of the state.’ The last time he checked the sky to the west stars shone brightly. “I hope it passes by here, little girl.” He looked down at his dog staring up at him like he was her best friend. Patting her head he smiled at her. “Okay, Molly time for bed.”

Several loud thunderclaps and torrential rain pounded the metal clad roof that woke him, the clock read three AM. As he attempted to go back to sleep, he thought a knock sounded on the cabin door. When Molly barked, he was certain.

He pulled on a T-shirt and jeans and rushed to the door. He turned on the outside lights and there stood a woman dripping wet, looking desperate for help. Her drenched sandy-blonde hair, curled over and clung to her shoulders. She looked like a drowned cat.

“Come in before you freeze.” The man opened the door wider allowing her to enter the doorway. The rain hitched a ride on a sudden burst of wind rushing through the entryway. He slammed the door closed to avoid his unexpected visitor from getting any wetter. “Please wait here. I’ll get your towels.”

Before she realized what she was doing, the woman shook her head spraying water all over the entry. “Wow! I’m sorry. Guess I’m acting like a mutt caught in the rain.”

His eyes sparkled with amusement as he headed to the laundry cabinet. The woman focused on the man’s shoulder shake from the laughter he was trying to hide. With a few lights turned on, he grabbed two towels. His head was down as he opened one towel to wrap her. He raised his head to apologize for the smaller towels, not large bath ones and froze in his tracks. The unexpected visitor stood in a puddle clutching her soaked, and dripping clothes. Before him stood a five foot, seven-inch naked woman with a pale complexion and a cute face looking shy and nervous. They stared at each other, both somewhat shocked.

He offered her a towel and she took it. Her left hand shook along with her body from the cold rain. Her teeth chattered as she let the wet clothing fall to the floor. After a quick glance at her naked shivering body, with raised eyebrows and open mouth, he uttered, “Oh…Excuse me.”



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