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       What begins as an innocent whale watching excursion turns into the tragic and mysterious death of a prominent San Diego real estate developer. Hank Carson, a former LAPD homicide detective, along with his former partner now a San Diego Sheriff’s Department investigator and a sexy insurance fraud investigator become embroiled in determining if the death was an accident, suicide, or murder. They postulate several scenarios encompassing multiple suspects, including criminal elements.

       Hank’s participation in the mystery and investigation include moments of bad memories, seduction, love, and fun in the scenic San Diego Bay area. He faces a conflict of love interests causing him to focus his emotions like never before, in the midst of the mystery. He hopes one of two beautiful women might become his love while untangling the speedboat collision, explosion, and the rescue of a woman floundering in the Pacific Ocean. 


Love and Death by Hot Rod

    Murders or accidents? That is the question that plagues the 60th Annual Portland Roadster Show. Fortunately, Hank Carson, a freelance writer, and an ex-LA police detlovendeathhotrodsective are on the scene. Assigned to write an article on constructing the roadsters competing for the Most Beautiful Roadster Award, he becomes involved in another mystery when an explosion kills an employee.

    Hank’s new love interest, Melissa, investigates insurance claims filed for the death incident. Several expensive car part theft claims are also thrown on her plate. While assisting the County Sheriff’s investigators, a series of incidents and another death complicates their lives. More suspects and a few personal conflicts seriously impact Hank and Melissa as they create unusual methods for solving these challenges.


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