New stories


Death on the Water

Hank, a free-lance writer, is enjoying the peaceful art of whale watching on the floating Whale Tail excursion boat off the coast of Point Loma. Suddenly his sense of peace is shattered by the impact of a speedboat against the side of the excursion boat; then a deafening explosion. The speedboat sinks. An injured woman is pulled from the cold water. Neither the speedboat’s driver, nor his body, have yet been found. Once again writer and former LAPD homicide detective, Hank Carson, instinctively knows he will be pulled into another mystery. His mind has already begun to ask: was this an accident, a suicide or a murder?

After a call from his friend on the SDPD, Hank’s instincts were again right on. With the help of an intriguing and beautiful insurance company fraud investigator, he again finds himself as part of an investigative team. He only hopes he can concentrate on the mystery of the missing body while wondering about the heavenly body he is working with. What possibilities lay ahead for him?

Love and Death by Hot Rod


Writer Hank Carson and Molly arrived at the Fairplex RV Park several weeks after depositing his lover at her Santa Monica condo. The Portland Fairplex is home of the Rose Festival and Roadster Show, now in the tenth year in Portland. Hank is writing an article about the show for Popular Rodding magazine. He is to meet with four of the car builders competing for the Rose Festival’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award. This is one of the most coveted awards given to hot rodders in the US.

This assignment is one he is pleased to do, but not being separated from his love interest. They hope to meet sometime over the weeks he is at the show. Murders interrupted their plans. Hank is put into an uncomfortable position when a woman comes on to him. Now his honesty and character are challenged. Mel arrives to determine if insurance fraud is a factor in the sequence of events they must confront.


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