About Molly & Me

This is Bruce Alan Jensen’s bio, including many aspects of his personal life and the changes he experienced. Born and raised in California. After college and a tour in the Navy, he entered the food service field. This gave him the opportunity to travel different parts of the country. He eventually started a consulting business and did business in a variety of US cities. Much of the consulting included writing operation plans, proposals, and marketing projects.

He read many popular mystery novels over the years and desired to try it. He began with fictional short stories, several of them became the inspiration for these novels. Most occurred in the last two decades while he visited all but two states. He escaped from many relationship opportunities while he traveled in solitude, except for his dog. While traveling, he wrote a blog of activities to share with family and friends.

As therapy, Bruce wrote about the past and current experiences while living and visiting several locales around the country. He incorporated his experiences and relationships into the situations and characters in the stories. The story themes touched on human frailties and faults including the significant parts of forgiveness.

His goal is to share these stories with the public and give them a new pleasure in reading.

In Memory of My gal Molly.


Bruce Alan Jensen

Leo Babauta wrote a blog: 31-ways-to-find-inspiration-for-your-writing

I agree with most of these as parts of my inspiration to write.  I began writing short stories, then attempted thriller/mystery novels during the past three years. My dog Molly and I had been traveling around the US for over four years, north to south, east to west. The only states I have not been to in my seventy-one years is Alaska and Maine. Maine is a goal of mine.

The travel has given me the opportunity to meet people from around the country and a few from Europe. These experiences have provided fodder for a number of my story ideas. Especially for the locales where I lived for more than a few weeks. I also found ideas and many venues for my stories while traveling a couple of times in Europe.

Murder on the Wine Train came to mind after I enjoyed dining and traveling on the Napa Valley Wine Train. I was influenced when I started a webpage where I shared my travel experiences with friends. Their feedback was helpful by hearing the comments and questions about my experiences.

People watching was a fun part of my travel experiences, as was reading a variety of novels and short stories in several genres.

Another big influence came to me from my friend, K.L. Franklin and her book: ‪Random Thoughts, Snippets, and Other Things


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