About Molly & Me


In Memory of My gal Molly.

Molly was a fourteen year old black lab and had been my companion for over ten years. Unfortunately she passed last December. She loved to play frisbee and eat. She was always wanting a treat, not unlike most dogs. I adopted Molly, black lab, bought a motor home and we traveled around the country.

I am now a semi-retired writer. I began writing short stories, then attempting thriller/mystery novels the past three years. We had been traveling around the US for over four years, north to south, east to west. The only states I have not been to in my seventy years is Alaska and Maine.  Maine is a goal of mine.

This had given me the opportunity to meet people from around the country and a few from Europe. My loyal black lab, Molly and I visited different parts of the western US. These experiences have provided fodder for a number of my story ideas. Especially for the locales where I lived for more than a few weeks.

During this time I also developed drafts for two other novels and outlines for three more. My goal is to have this novel, Murder On The Wine Train published and distributed by next summer.

For enjoyment beyond this I love to cook, enjoy fine wine, and eat exceptionally prepared meals.  I am hoping to be engaged in the best relationship of my life.

That’s my beginning, so I hope you come back and visit me.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.

Bruce Jensen


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