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I welcome visitors to this blog. As a former foodservice consultant, I took the opportunity to visit forty-eight states in the US, plus visits to Europe. Thus I gained awesome experiences that have influenced my story plots. As for my writing, I read many fiction novels, most in the mystery genre. While traveling around the US I wrote a travel blog of the places I visited and shared these with friends and family.

I am a new novel writer and now a retired senior citizen. Molly and I traveled around the US for over eight years, north to south, east to west. Sadly, Molly is no longer with me. The only states I have not been to in my seventy-plus years of age are Alaska and Maine. Maine is a goal of mine. I documented a few of the unusual circumstances I have encountered. These experiences lead me to write on my blog. Then short stories, and now novels. 

To learn more about me and my companion, visit The About Molly and Me link above. I also wrote several short stories. Several I never finished, yet, most influenced my experiences and the many locales I visited. In this procedure, I created several stories. Thus, I have updated and will include a few above in the Short Stories link. More will be included as I continue my writing.

As I wrote, I imagined several characters who could experience what I had and these locations have also influenced a few unique plots. Since I had shared my own experiences, I started a travel blog for the primary character in the series of stories I am writing. Thus, the Hank Carson Blog.

In this process, I have written two novels. The first I am making significant restructuring as many first-time authors often experience. But, this first novel is coming together in a much better format and plot intrigues. 

Introduction of Murder On The Train ebook:

Had you visited the beautiful Napa Valley, the title alone may draw you into this entertaining mystery. The unique event in this story is different, and it’s the inaugural trip to honor and unveil several new and exciting wines grown in the valley. Tickets to the special event sold out early. This train trip was all about tasting the new flavors, along with delightful food. Hank Carson was on board to write a freelance article about the event.

Several minutes after the train left the station, a bar helper found a body. The victim was a very unkind and disliked restaurant and wine critic, David Hatchett. The suspect list jumped to include all 230 people on the train.

A murder has a way of changing a person’s mood. Which brought the featured character, Hank Carson active with the initial investigation. He asked a few questions for his article before a steward told Charles Beaumont, the event promoter, about a body in the wine cooler.

Fortunately for the investigators, Hank, a retired LA Police homicide detective, assumed the role to protect the crime scene. Hank offered to take part in the investigation, in the search for a killer, along with his attraction to Alicia Tomlinson, the lead Agent in charge.

Interviewing a trainload of suspects became a time-consuming and confusing activity. As they checked and cross-checked alibis to eliminate suspects, what they found out narrowed the field but increased the mystery. Days later they learned a passenger went missing before the passenger interviews.

Should you enjoy police procedural stories, you’ll enjoy this book. An all-around entertaining read. If you don’t know about the wine train, you will likely enjoy the setting. It is fast and fun, with likable characters. This is a start to a mystery series from Bruce Alan Jensen.

If you like your mysteries spiced with romance, you’ll love this one.

The soon to be released novels are in the New Stories link.

For you first time visitors, I hope you enjoy the information I am sharing. The soon to be released novels are in the New Stories link. I also share many other authors who have influenced me. These will include links to their websites in the heading Authors.

The two book covers shown above are future Hank Carson mystery novels. Visit here often or watch for postings on Facebook and Twitter.  Enter your comments below and if you include your email address, you will receive early notification when these books become available.

If you are new to this site, the purpose is to share several of the places that Molly, my loyal black lab, and I have visited, or lived. I will lead you to a variety of locales with interesting people and adventures. I hope you enjoy this novel tour. – Bruce

Hank Carson Series:

Hank Carson is the creation of Bruce Alan Jensen, the author of Killer On The Train, soon to be released is Death On The Water, and later Love and Death by Hot Rod. Bruce developed this character with a real-life history using his background to influence Hank’s departure from full-time work to a part-time freelance writer. Prior to his appearing in the first novel, this character had to have experiences that influenced his life. A major part of this occurred during Hank’s experiences after he left the employ of the LAPD as a homicide detective.

The protagonist, Hank Carson, travels to one of these venues in each of the Hank Carson Series novels:

Napa Valley

San Diego



Route 66